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Thread: TWL Re-plays (and TWD)

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    TWL Re-plays (and TWD)

    Hi all, just read this forum thread and I believe this replay function would be amazing for both TWL and TWD, it really has impressed me. If there is a way for someone to get in contact with the creators of the replay function in powerball zone and get them to implement it for TW, then we should definitely do it. Not only will this provide entertainment as you can watch yourself go 16-3, or mock others by watching their less than impressive 3-10, it would also help TWL hot or not writers (so they'll have no excuse for missing games)!

    So what's everyones opininon on this? (check out the other forum link first to really get to grips with this).
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    We would need to switch to ASSS which would be awesome but Priitk would have to commit to it. There isn't a whole lot of help coming our way from him currently.

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