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Thread: Trench Wars FB Presence moving from Facebook Group to new Facebook Page

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    Trench Wars is moving our Facebook social media presence from our existing community based Group to our new official Facebook Page named SSCU Trench Wars.

    We are hoping for as many of our 400 members to come over and "Like" our new Page as possible. We will be posting our official news on our new Facebook Page, as well as on the website and forum. Players will also be able to start new discussions on our Page by using the "Posts to Page" section of the Page on the lefthand column.

    The plan is to archive our existing Group, while we will only use the SSCU Trench Wars Facebook Page as our sole Facebook presence moving forward.

    Please "Like" our new Page and spread the word!

    EDIT: The Facebook page can now also be accessed by this URL which is obviously easier to remember:
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