There is some discussion as to how to retain new players and keep the old ones, so the player base can be increased.

However I feel the rules moderators abide by to moderate public chat needs to be looked at.

As well as casual trolls, there persistent racists, homophobes and haters, many of whom spam public chat and abuse others relentlessly by PM. These trolls often know the rules of what can and can't be gotten away with and so treat the public chat as a playground for trolling.

Experienced players such as myself are not affected by the comings and goings of trolls (we've seen too much to care).

However for new players the community will most often appear small minded, petty and downright nasty.

As an anonymous game like TW will always attract the trolls and attention seekers who perhaps use the chat as a compensation for struggling to engage with the real world, more should be done to weed out serial abusers.

They do more harm than good.