2017 is almost upon us, but more importantly TWL 22 is only a few weeks away (Date TBD).

We are looking for some players to help run this years league.

Posts to be filled are;
1- Sunday host coordinator - This is is a staff role as the person will need to have access to bots and staff chats. The person will need to be active on Sundays and will need to be able to speak up and organise a bunch of online volunteers.
2- Scheduler - This does not need to be a staffer - This person will be in charge of making sure that the TWL site is kept up to date, rosters and schedule.
3- Community liaison - This does not need to be as staffer - This person will be in charge of keeping the community up to date, on the forums, in game zoners, newsletter information

All 3 of these people will be TWL OP's and will be involved in the decision making before and during the season.
The above are my suggested roles based on my experience last season and my vision for the next season, both are up for discussion once the 3 (or more) TWL Op's have been appointed
All people are welcome to apply for the staff and non-staff roles, but please be aware that this is relativity long term commitment and will require a number of hours of work each week during the season.

If you would like to apply for any of the positions or discuss further, please ?message me in game, all people will be considered (even you cres) the only requirement really is that you believe you can do it and that you are active enough to actually do it.

Do you want to see Trenchwars have another season of TWL and you believe you can help make that happen and want to be a part of #MakeTWGreatAgain then ?message me !

Much love,