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    Upcoming Events, part 2!

    Hi All!

    As your head of event, I'm proud to announce our list of Weekend events coming up! (Updated May 4, 2017)
    Stay tuned to this thread for updates.
    All events will be held on Saturday 4pm EST!
    Come join us for some classic TW fun!

    05/06/17 oldfishies One of the oldest, and the best! OLDFISHIES coming this Saturday! Be the last fishy to survive the onslaught of shark attacks!
    05/13/17 Superbeast The superbeast is hungry and is on the hunt!
    05/20/17 chase2 Run for your lives as the zombies give chase! Make it through the maze and stay alive in the house until time runs out! IT'S CHASE2!
    05/27/17 TWCity Good old ZOMBIE ACTION! Back by popular demand! ZOMBIES invade TW, stay alive and make it to the safes!
    06/03/17 Tourny Who is the top jav/wb of the weekend? Come fight for your honor!
    06/10/17 ufc Teams of two with a captain, battle it out 1v1 style until one team wins! Who is the real ultimate fighter?!
    06/17/17 twisted Javs - Bombs - worm holes? Random fast bombs coming your way!
    06/24/17 gatez3 Be the last standing member to run through the maze!!
    07/01/17 Turretwarz Terrs, Turrets, War time! TW classic in TURRETWARZ coming this weekend! Gain points and shoot the enemy team down!
    07/08/17 Balanceout Stay in the circle, no matter what! Balanceout time!

    Thanks and see you at the events!
    Please make suggestions of events you would like to be included as well in the comments!

    Updated May 4, 2017
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