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    Upcoming Events!

    Hi All!

    As your head of event, I'm proud to announce our list of Weekend events coming up!
    Stay tuned to this thread for updates.
    All events will be held on Sunday 4pm EST!
    Come join us for some classic TW fun!

    01/29/17 XtremeDB Dodge THORS thrown from shooters in this game of EXTREME DODGEBALL!
    02/05/17 Superbeast2 The superbeast is hungry and is on the hunt!
    02/12/17 StarCon 2 teams battle to help the mothership score points against the other team!
    02/19/17 BugWar Defend yoru turf against the oncoming bug invasion!
    02/26/17 Tourny Who is the top jav/wb of the weekend? Come fight for your honor!
    03/05/17 ufc Teams of two with a captain, battle it out 1v1 style until one team wins! Who is the real ultimate fighter?!
    03/12/17 TWCity Zombies invade TW City! Come shoot them down!
    03/19/17 PrisonBREAK The prison guards have free range on the inmates, dodge all the shots fired or be the guards puppets!
    03/26/17 Turretwarz Terrs, Turrets, War time! TW classic in TURRETWARZ coming this weekend! Gain points and shoot the enemy team down!
    04/02/17 Boki Let's bring basing back! Capture the base to win it all!
    04/09/17 Jurassic Zombiethon with jurassic? Count me in!
    04/16/17 Helicopter TW version of the arcade game classic!
    04/23/17 Octabase Another basing event?! Yes please! Come claim the base with this basing classic!

    Thanks and see you at the events!
    Please make suggestions of events you would like to be included as well in the comments!

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