I've got a very weird problem. A few months ago I was playing fine. Came back for a visit today and odd problem.

First up, when I ran the client I got an odd message about keyboard mapping or something - it offered me various choices in a sort of grey window, nothing I'd seen before - anyone know what this is? I clicked on "classic keys" and the normal start screen loaded up.

I entered TW as before - set to full screen 4k resolution (which has worked before loads of times). For some reason the resolution looked off (graphics looked big and stretched). When I went to enter the arena, I couldn't see my ship. I'm guessing it was off the bottom right of the screen. Game didn't seem to play properly. Couldn't see chat or anything.

I quit, and clicked on to windowed mode. Game loaded OK, but graphics seems overly large - like I was running in 1280x1024 or similar. All worked fine, but stretched and fuzzy, and the window border very obvious.

So, any idea what is going on? Is windows doing some sort of weird stretching thing? Can I turn it off? What was the odd keyboard mapping message about? How can I play at native resolution again, like I used it?

Thanks in advance,