I was going to post a video, though after review of it it does make TW look like it has no control of it's moderators/staff which is damaging to innocent staff and players as a whole. I have had issues with others such as 420 and Kylo Ren that feel they are above the "rules" of TW, creating their own rules and like to punish players who they find "unworthy" or "irritating" to them. This game is old, we all know that, and the way the moderation for it is established is done by fellow players, which I think makes this game awesome and unique. But.. at the same time, you get a few bad apples in the mix and those apples need to be addressed. My complaint here, right now, is that you (higher ups) go over staff and make sure their best interest is to better the zone we love (the same interest as us players have who love trench wars!), not to hinder it and abuse what little authority they have. It really upsets me when I see a staff member's do terrible things to others knowing they hold powers that those they are picking on do not. It is sadistic and represents this zone in a very poor way. I sincerely ask you (those whom this concerns) that you investigate fellow staffers (named a couple but there is more!) and ensure their best interest are for the zone and not for abusing said powers. Thank you for your time tonight. Happy Labor Day weekend to you and yours!