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Thread: The New Fox TV Show, The Orville; Clip, Themesong & Rating

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    EDIT: REMINDER: New Episode Tonight on Fox: The Orville; General Clip & Theme Song

    No review-text yet but for basic rating 0 to 5 stars in half-star increments, i give Orville the full 5 stars.

    Im going to give you One Clip of The Orville and then the Main Theme Song, I give the Sound Track and Main Theme both 5 stars as well.

    The other day I was thinking about Star Trek: The Next Generation and how the first music director named Ron Jones got fired a little ways into season 4 because his music was too good. The Show runner kept telling him to tone it down and that the music is too distracting and needs to be more subtile, he ignored him and got fired. I Highly Disagree with this and liked the first Music Guy in favor of the Second Replacement One doing mostly just all string padding.

    I also recently made a Trenchwars Music Video ( a TMV) that uses old Star Trek: TNG Music from the first composer that was fired who i loved. Now the reason I am telling you this is because it leads us to the Clip of The Orville. Notice in the clip the music is classic like Ron Jones Music. So Seth McFarland didnt like his firing either !! On top of all that we know Seth was sensitive to the music and noticed it and Loved it in the early seasons of him watching TNG when he was a teenager -- Because He would go on to Hire Ron Jones to do the Music of Family Guy & American Dad !!

    I dont see him on the credits as doing the music for Orville but whoever does it, Seth sometimes tells them to make the music even more retro than it already is and like the Ron Jones stuff of seasons 1 - 3 of TNG. And the clip im going to choose to show you here reflects that:

    Here now is the clip, Now That I have finished giving you the above footnote about the music sound track in the clip:

    Sisko's Girlfriend, Real Name Penny Johnson Jerald, is a regular cast member, as you can see.

    Now heres the Theme for Orville, the visual part of the opening is spactacularly beautiful but id get copyright infringement video deleted if I used that so I used Trenchwars Fying a Levi with my new Screen Name there; The Orville:

    This is my All Time Favorite Opening Theme and Visual Sequence, AlongSide 1978/79 BattleStar Galactica; Here it is, Super-Mega Epic Power Vibrations:

    All the TMV's are turning out pretty cool but the population has very low perception and weakmiindedness thats worse now than it has been in the past and no one appreciates stuff like that hardly which is weird and odd.

    Now note there are going to possibly be comments that Orville is bad instead of good, this is by people with low perception or by matrix robots who are programmed to attack anything in life thats cool. To add credibility to this Psy-Trick, they will then make things out to be like everyone has different opions and there are two or more sides to issues -- they'll create a fake oposition side and pretend its different people with different opinions instead of just robots wanting to shoot down things that are good and promote things that are bad in their Operation: Opposite World (OW or OOW). Operation Opposite World is a powerful ongoing operation to try to make life more bad than it already is, try to ban more good things and promote more bad things; try to make bad perception of good things and good perception of bad things, etc. Operation Opposite World is a Powerful on-going WorldWide PsyOps Disinfo COINTELPRO Tactic. And it Sucks and their all Dicks, to speak like Seth M. would for a moment. . .
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